Day 28: GIFT


With the holiday season rolling in, Fish Girl, Squiddy, and the visiting bunnies think about what they’re most thankful for. They get each other plenty of gifts, make them when they can’t buy them, but at the end, there’s nothing to beat the best present of all.

Day 24: CHOP


Fish Girl is contemplating chopping her hair short and trying out a new look. Squiddy doesn’t like it. The very thought makes him shiver. It’s all a bit too drastic for his taste, and it takes forever to grow back, but then again, he’s never been too fond of change.

What do you think?

Day 23: MUDDY


The mud just appeared, he swears it on his long floppy ears. He has no idea how it happened. He absolutely was not jumping around in a mud puddle wearing those brand new shoes. Would that face lie to you?

It totally would.



This was so much fun to make. I’m always one for fine patterns, and rendering the hair as well as the jewelry and zardosi work on the border of the sari were utterly delightful. In short, when I thought ‘expensive’, I thought fashion. Clothing, jewelry, really good makeup and hair care. Ye gods. So much fun to window shop, so painful to buy. And thus we have what started as a cover for Vogue, and ended up as something in between a photo ad for Acqua di Parma shampoo and a jewelry shoot. That necklace was intended to be the centerpiece. I like it anyways.

Anyhoo, the making is showing right here below! Check out my channel to see other makings. 🙂


Day 21: DRAIN


This turned out more literal than I would have liked, but it is what sprang to mind when I thought ‘drained’. Falling asleep where I stand, dissolving into a puddle, wilting flowers, the key on my back gone stuck and rusting. Generally…drained.

I’m gonna go get some more coffee kaythanksbyeee.


Merch Merch Merch!

Guys. Guys. Guuuuuuuuuyyyyyssss.


redbubble announcement 1

I am now officially on Redbubble, and you can get plenty of merchandise based on the digital speed paintings I was putting up last month in my 31 Days of Speedpainting Challenge. There are art prints and tote bags and shirts and pouches and clocks and throw pillows and lots of other stuff, all based on select pieces.

So, just follow the link below here:

and you can follow me there to get updated whenever I put up new stuff! I’ll also notify you here though, promise. 🙂