Some Doodles from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

When  I first decided to try out brush pens, I got myself a set of six neutral shades. The first time I used them was as embellishment for a series of pen drawings of endangered animals I had worked on. Maybe I’ll put them up here later. Anyway, what with three months and a bit being about nothing but watercolors, it had been some time since I picked these up. So I did.

And this is what happened.

Rey <insert last name that is NOT Skywalker>. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll kick your ass in space. I’m liking the costume change. Rather Grey Jedi.
kylo ren
Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo aka intergalactic human disaster. Honestly, he’s so Byronic, but given his backstory, it doesn’t surprise me too much. There’s a redemption arc to be had and I really can’t wait to see it.
Exiled Jedi space hobo with majestic hair. Just look at that pose.
Finn is better from his duel and is still wearing Poe’s jacket. Where my space-touched flyboy at?
Supreme Leader Snoke. From the holograms in The Force Awakens, we all had an idea, but I’m honestly a tiny bit underwhelmed. Also, his eyes are blue. Not even Sith eyes. Still, I don’t want to say Plagueis, but my head is saying Plagueis.

And that’s it.

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