Day 90: Lewis Carroll


I loved the whimsy associated with Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass long before I read either of them. Reading them felt like a very surreal roller coaster through a hazy colorful dreamscape full of oddly sensible nonsense. It’s easy to understand why people compare it to a drug trip. All you need is an odd book, atmospheric sounds, and a rampant imagination let loose.

Anyhoo, The Jabberwocky is wonderful fun whenever I’m in the mood for a spot of nonsense and delightfully coined words. I’m particularly proud of this piece. Composing it took a fair while in itself and then, there was designing the Jabberwock. I didn’t want to use the John Tenniel illustration, though I did refer it a bit for the pose. I wasn’t going full nonsense for the picture, so the rabbit teeth with the vest and spats weren’t doing it for me. At the same time, I’m not fond of the design from the Alice in Wonderland movie. The art design in that movie is a thing of wonder, despite the CGI rendering it a bit flat, but the Jabberwock just didn’t match up to expectations. Thus, I have a blue-black toothy snarly whuffling draconian creature with eyes of flame that, according to a friend, resembles Gyrados.

I’ll take it.

Anyhoo, with this, we conclude fifteen days of poetry illustration, and move on to the last leg of this marathon. Just ten more!

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