Day 86: The last Atticus (really)

atticus 3.jpg

This is officially the last Atticus piece I’m doing.

Basically, I saw the line, remembered a dream about a bird-person, started thinking about skeletal compositions and the contrast between humans and birds and what that would mean for the flight pattern of a bird-person, and somewhere along the way, this happened.

Also, salt on watercolor didn’t work as well on this as it did with the Neruda, but it gave the cliff face a bit of character, I think.

3 thoughts on “Day 86: The last Atticus (really)

  1. Don’t put salt on very wet color. If you let it dry a tiny bit so that it’s damp, you can get smaller, more controlled crystals. Also, careful with where you apply the salt and how much. Just a little is enough.

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