Day 80: Atticus again

atticus 2.jpg

Writing poetry and writing prose are different.

Both require a modicum of truth to do it well, something honest at its center. With prose, you can construct walls around it, hide it under layers of plot and action and characters. That honest core is only there for people who are paying attention when they’re reading.

Poetry, however, has a stronger tendency to strip you raw. The honesty required for that is more stark, more pronounced, and it can leave you exposed like a nerve. It’s hard to hide behind lines of poetry and hard to write them if your brain is working on overdrive.

I believe it was Hemingway who said that good writing comes from truth, but it takes a level of courage to put that kind of truth into words and then put those words out into the world. One day, maybe.


5 thoughts on “Day 80: Atticus again

  1. I’ve just taken part in a writing project and it was a huge challenge! You are right Soo it took courage to take that step of putting something out there but I’m delighted now to have done it and it has opened me up to new opportunities and meeting new people which would not have happened otherwise!

  2. That was lovely! I love the narration, the steady poignancy of the language and word choice. The play on perspective with the bell tower and the actual bells were also a nice touch. The Kardashian bit made me chuckle. 🙂

  3. Gosh, thank you so much Soo! I find it a bit surreal getting such wonderful feedback from another side of the planet! Thank you for giving of your time, viewing and replying! Wishing you much peace, love, fulfilment and happiness!

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