Day 73: Banana Walnut Cake


banana walnut cake.jpg

Banana walnut cake is one of those easy-to-make anytime recipes I do whenever I’m in the mood to putter or am stress baking. The ingredients are usually available at home, though we don’t often buy eggs, and prep work is painfully easy. Also, there are plenty of extra ingredients you can add to give it your own spin or a bit of zing.

Besides the walnuts, which are their own zing, I’ve added chocolate chips before. I would try for berries, but they’re not locally grown where I live and are pretty expensive. My personal favorite ingredients to add besides the basic banana, walnut, brown sugar, etc, etc, is one spoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon. The honey adds a softness and a sharp sort of sweetness to the cake, which would otherwise be generically sweet all around because of the banana. As for cinnamon, it’s cinnamon. Does one really need a reason to try for cinnamon while baking?


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