Day 68: Dosa


(Hullo, I’m back. The wedding went beautifully and I’m catching up on a lot of lost sleep. As a note, this and the next two pieces were written on Friday. I’ll put up the paintings for the three missed days today and today’s tomorrow along with tomorrow’s. That sounds very confusing when I read it aloud.)

Dosas are otherwise known as crisp, golden-brown circles of heaven (unofficially). I’m South Indian and this is one of our popular breakfast foods. To explain it in more general terms, it’s something of a pancake (thin and crisp, not those thick ones that some people try to pass of as dosa, just no) made with rice flour and lentils. There are various varieties of dosas depending on what you use as the main ingredient (rice/wheat/semolina, etc), and sub-varieties based on supplementary ingredients. These may be onion (most common), beetroot, spinach, and others.

It is most commonly eaten with sambhar (a sort of delicious lentil-based stew with vegetables) and different kinds of chutneys. If you order a dosa in any South Indian restaurant, most likely, it will be served with a bowl of sambhar, maybe a scoop of potatoes cooked with onion and masala, and three chutneys: coconut, coriander, and tomato, or combinations/varieties of the same. The coconut chutney is most common and the tomato one is my favorite.

The dosas in the picture are curled into cones. As far as I know, this is only done with one kind of dosa: ghee roasts. These dosas are made with rice flour, fried up with ghee (clarified butter), and crisped to golden-brown perfection before being served in cones. I love how they’ve have come out in this, but dear god, the typography is crap. This is not my area of expertise and I really need to work on it.


7 thoughts on “Day 68: Dosa

  1. You’re making me hungry with that pic. I obviously LOVE dosa. Being South Indian, it’s my breakfast for 2-3 days every week. But I’ve noticed it’s not just South Indians, everyone who has ever had dosa, loves it.

  2. I first came across the word ‘ghee’ yesterday whilst creating words with my students. I was delighted to recognise it in your story now and know what it meant!

  3. I can literally eat dosa for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. This painting of dosa is gorgeous! If I would have seen this on a menu, I wouldn’t have thought for a moment and ordered it!

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