Day 67: Cake


I am a cake person. Yes, there are ice creams, yes, there is pie, yes, there are lots of dessert varieties out there, but when it boils down to choice, I am a cake person. Especially if the primary ingredient for said cake is chocolate. More so if the secondary ingredient along with chocolate is coffee.

I am, however, not overly fond of cheesecake. I don’t mind it, but I’m yet to meet a cheesecake I truly like. It might be because of the overly soft texture of it. A regular cake has the combination of sponge and creamy icing and the occasional bit of crunch if you add bits of praline or caramel/chocolate shards or tuile. Cheesecake doesn’t have that.

The reference for the cake painted is one made by my old school classmate, Tanaya, who is a recently graduated culinary student in Adelaide, Australia. She is a true artist with desserts and her confections brighten my day.

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