Day 66: Lemon Sorbet

lemon sorbet.jpg


One time, I was out with a friend of mine at a local short film festival. We watched a handful of these, each one weirder and trippier than the one before. Granted, they were stylistically interesting. Lots of stop motion, I love stop motion. A couple were quite charming. And then there was one called ‘Mouth’ by Yulia Koritni. I have nightmares about it to this day.

So we scarpered out of there and went in search of food. We found a place we hadn’t tried before and took a seat. There, all the dishes we wanted were not available and they asked us to order something else. We could have left and found someplace else, but we were starving and at that point, we just wanted something to eat. So we got some food (authentic American style, my toe) and it was horrifically disappointing.

So, thus far, the day was one train wreck after another, and we were just wandering around and chatting. Then, we came upon an ice cream parlor. Neither of us are major ice cream people, but we love sorbet, so we got ourselves a scoop of lemon sorbet each.

Instant burst of nirvana.

And that was enough to make the entire day worthwhile.

The end.

This isn’t the only instance of sorbet saving a meal. Another time, I was having dinner with a friend (different friend). We’d decided to be adventurous and got ourselves a blue cheese pizza with pineapple and jalepeno. That cheese was so strong, I could feel it steaming through my nostrils. The pineapple wasn’t sweet enough to overpower it and the jalepeno just managed to temper it so that it didn’t set my palate on fire. I swear to god, I felt like Smaug. I am fire, I am death, and all that. Blue cheese is not a pizza topping. It’s just…not.

So our palates were dead and no amount of water was washing it out. And then we got ourselves scoops of sorbet: one mango and one watermelon, and it was like seeing the sunrise after years of endless darkness. It left our mouths as clean, fresh slates so that we could enjoy our tiramisu in peace.

The end.

To be frank, I’m not much of an ice cream person. I mean, I like it and I’m picky about flavors and suspicious of fruit-based ones (I will not touch strawberry or banana or sapota ice cream and you can’t make me, so there). Sorbet, however, is a delight. It’s fresh, it’s light, it’s palate-cleansing, and it has none of the heaviness that comes with the milk in ice cream. The fruit flavor in the sorbet is allowed to sing because the ice on its own has no particular taste. And among them, lemon is a favorite. I also won’t say no to orange and watermelon.

4 thoughts on “Day 66: Lemon Sorbet

  1. Lemon is beautiful in any dessert! How do you make Greek lemon yoghurt cake? Won’t the yoghurt make the cake too soft or is it only used in the icing?

  2. Anything with lemon gets my vote. Love lemon sorbet and currently I’m trying every lemon cake recipe I come across. Greek lemon yoghurt cake wins the prize so far.

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