Day 65: Oranges


Oranges, in my opinion, are the perfect fruit. Not only are they fresh and light and just the right mix of sweet and tart, their skins are also thick and quite fun to draw on. Whenever the season rolls in, we get as many oranges as we can and I make a habit of doodling on all of them before peeling the skin and eating the segments.

Here are a few:


They’re great as fresh fruit as well as in nearly any kind of dessert, and especially with chocolate. Chocolate orange is a gift.

Peeling oranges for me is a science. There’s a process to this and it has to be followed to the T to have the best possible fresh orange experience. Note that this mainly refers to tangerines and the like, where the fruit needs to be peeled and segmented, not the type you cut in half and eat like a grapefruit. I don’t know what the hell that is, but it’s not an orange.

The process goes as follows:

  1. Find the hollow at the base of the orange and push your thumb in. If you happen to have a cut on your thumb, use a different finger.
  2. Move your finger in an arc to peel off the rind. Mind you, the entire rind needs to come off in one smooth stroke. You will be left with the segments attached to each other in a sphere and a long rind. Curl the rind up into a bowl shape and keep aside.
  3. Break the sphere in half.
  4. Take off one segment at a time. Threads of pith will cling to it. Remove them and set aside in the rind-bowl. I’m aware that they’re very nutritious and if you like them, sure (you weirdo), but otherwise, peel them off.
  5. As you clean the pith off each segment, arrange them in a neat row. Like teeth, just so.InstagramCapture_676c2b4e-c444-4525-9028-b32eb16f0e74.jpg
  6. Now, eat them one by one and toss the seeds into the rind-bowl.
  7. When finished, toss the rind-bowl, along with the pith and seeds into the trash.



6 thoughts on “Day 65: Oranges

  1. Oranges, I can’t resist citrus fruits but orange in specific seems a dream. But these days it’s quite hard to find a sweet one since you can’t judge the fruit by its cover! 😉

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