Day 63: Hummus and Pita

hummus pita.jpg

I make hummus quite often at home. It’s quite simple: just let the chickpeas soak overnight, then cumin, olive oil, minced garlic, touch of lemon, and tahini. I usually don’t have tahini on hand as tahini itself, so I just add black sesame. Sometimes, I put in just a touch of chilli for taste. Not much, just a little bit. Blend, smooth, take out, and add a bit more olive oil for taste.

It’s a pretty good dip to just make in a generous quantity over a weekend and use through the week with pretty much any kind of bread. Being packed with protein, courtesy of the chickpeas, it makes for a pretty hearty spread or dip. Sometimes on Sundays, we make falafels as well. We don’t always get parsley, but coriander is a decent substitute. You can eat those with hummus as a dip if you’re just trying for a light snack, but if you want something more filling, you’ll want pita.

Now, pita has been difficult for me because of yeast, as mentioned day before yesterday. It’s always come out a bit thicker and chewier than I’d like. If I got really lazy, I’d just use brown bread, but more often than not, I make flatbread with wheat flour. So, it’s one circle of flatbread, generous spread of hummus, two or three falafels (usually crushed a bit), and a bit of my quick version of tzatziki sauce or salsa, if I have it on hand. I don’t like adding salsa unless I’m really looking for a kick of spice; it ruins the Lebanese feel of the food. The tzatziki is just beaten curd with cucumber (strained and chopped fine), garlic, salt, and black pepper. It’s not the same as the real thing and dill isn’t easy to find here at an affordable rate, so I make do.

These are staple foods in my book, being healthy, hearty, easy to make from first principles, and simple to modify based on needs and availability. If any of you have any ideas on how to make it better, I’d love to hear them. 🙂

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