Day 60: Mugs


There are a few places from which I need to be dragged or frog-marched so that I don’t end up buying the whole shop. Those are:

  1. Art Supply Shops (which is evident from this entire project. General rule for artists and art students: always, always avoid taking a credit card to a supply shop. You WILL max it out.)
  2. Bookstores (which I covered)
  3. The funny socks corner of a clothing shop (also covered)
  4. The mug shelves in the home equipment section of a lifestyle store

There are few things that make your coffee/tea/hot chocolate/combinations or variations thereof more enjoyable than a mug with personality to drink it from. This is a simple fact of life, and I tend to collect funky mugs wherever I go. Or I try to, and get frog-marched out by people who know that I should know better.

7 thoughts on “Day 60: Mugs

  1. I cannot resist not buying anything from an art store, I am more attracted to them than fashion stores. I can live not buying clothes but without art supplies seems impossible.

  2. I know right? It doesn’t help that they arrange all those paints and brushes so beautifully right next to all the bottles of masking fluid and kits, and they’re just so inviting. And expensive.

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