Day 57: Sweater Weather


This is a generally non-existent thing where I live. Here, we have summer, more summer, the fires of Mordor, and torrential rainfall that comes with cyclones and for the past two years, floods. However, now and then, we get a couple of days where it’s a bit chilly, but not raining, where it’s pleasant and cool enough to break out the fuzzy hoodies.

When I lived in America, autumn was my favorite season. I loved the cool nip in the air and the vibrant changing colors, not to mention the opportunity to wear sweaters. Frankly, I might not ever get a sweater in bright orange since I tend to favor darker tones, but it went with the color scheme.

And for those of you who are wondering, that is Evangeline next to me, back when he was just a hatchling. He had a different name then, which he doesn’t like me to mention, and this was long before he grew to the size of a house and started skiving on delivery duties because he got drunk on orange soda. Evangeline has his vices, but I adore him anyways. To anyone I’ve not been able to deliver things to because of him, I’m profoundly sorry.

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