Day 56: Piano


I don’t like taking pills for headaches. That being said, I don’t really like taking pills for anything if I can help it. If I have a cold, I usually weather through it unless it’s unbearable. Most of the time, I can just sleep off a fever. I don’t take medication for headaches unless it’s really interfering with work. Considering that the latter two are generally caused by fatigue in my case, it’s usually nothing a bit of rest can’t solve.

However, there was once a point where I was having trouble sleeping, and having a restful sleep when I did. Thus, I picked up the piano again after eight years of leaving it on the wayside. I’ve always loved music and trained in western classical (on the violin) when I was a kid, and they do say music soothes the savage beast. In my case, it works with headaches, sleeplessness, and the occasional bout of anxiety.

I’ve never really enjoyed formal training with the piano because my teachers always tried to enforce the discipline of playing what was on the sheet music, while I preferred to play by ear. They wanted me to play the notes as they were composed to be played, I wanted to play it how I felt it should be played, my interpretation if you will. I’m not a formal musician and I never will be. My technique is not perfect, my fingering is often haphazard, but I’m a pretty quick study, so I try to learn it the best I can. I have boundless admiration for those who go through years of rigorous training to master an instrument as fine as this, but I just play for the fun of it.

And to soothe the savage beasts.

3 thoughts on “Day 56: Piano

  1. In my opinion you are making your own of music, that’s individuality and therapy wrapped up in one and your contentment shows in this lovely colourful painting.

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