Day 55: Sleep


Yesterday, I was holding a stall at a local Makers Market, where I was selling art prints of my watercolor and pen&ink works, along with the bookmarks from a couple of weeks ago and copies of my book, The Falcon’s Eye. It was a hot day, the market was great, I met a lot interesting and interested people, told a lot of stories, and was generally on my feet from morning till night.

So now, I’m happy and exhilarated and bone-tired because I’ve barely slept all week preparing for this. Anyone who wants to buy prints and bookmarks from me still can from my Facebook page, where I will soon be putting up details. But for now, I’m gonna get some sleep. If you’re gonna give me dreams, Morpheus, please make them good ones. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Day 55: Sleep

  1. You can get them, you know. I have a Facebook page – Soo Nathan – where there’s an album of art prints and bookmarks you can order.

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