Day 53: Braid


I have long hair (black, not brown), which currently falls to about waist length, though not yet. In the mad summer heat, it becomes more than a little problematic, especially since I haven’t the heart to cut it. It’s too heavy to wear it up, unless I’m in a cool room. Ponytails just give me headaches since it has to be secured tight against the head to counter the weight.

Thus, I most often braid it, and sometimes, I get creative with them. I can do regular braids, French braids, side braids, twists, and combinations of the above, though I haven’t yet figured out Dutch, fish, or crown braids.

Yeah, I spend more time than I’d like to admit looking these things up.

2 thoughts on “Day 53: Braid

  1. If you want to learn other styles, start with a French plait. It’s a learning curve, but surprisingly easy. Also really handy to keep hair out of your face. 🙂

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