Day 48: The Happiest Fox


This is Juniper, a tame fox with a feisty personality, descended from a line of foxes who were domesticated at the peak of the fur trade. This was a common practice at the height of the fur trade, but since that is no longer in common practice, foxes like Juni end up being too tame to survive in the wild, not having all of her naturally wild instincts, but foxes like her are still far from your usual house pets.

While Juni is beautiful and cuddly and seems like little more than an excitable red dog, she’s still partially wild, and her owner and mum, Jessika educates us about these wonderful creatures by documenting her everyday life and her interactions with the other pets in the house, which include Moose the dog and other animals that Jessika fosters, like Peachy and Petunia, a pair of sugar gliders, and recently a baby bat.

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