Day 47: Cat on my Windowsill


I called her Cottontail when she was a kitten because she was one of a litter of four. Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter, though yes, I know they’re not rabbits. Mopsy, or Mops as I liked to call him, was actually my favorite among them. However, he was a quiet, rather gentle male in an area where there were a lot of male cats jostling for territory and getting into fights over it, so he disappeared after some time. She’s the only one still left.

I’ve been getting stray cats around my home for years and have fostered a number of kittens, though I never domesticated them. I doubt we’ll be having any more kittens around the area since the Queen of Sheba here is the only female left and she was spayed after her first two litters were killed by male cats. Still, we’ve got her and she makes a daily morning visit to my kitchen windowsill. There, she roosts, snoozes, makes funny talky-noises with crows and mynahs, and demands food. All in a day’s work.

This was sketched live and painted in later, and yes, that is her default expression. Utterly unimpressed.

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