Day 45: Erebor


Erebor, the dwarven kingdom in the heart of the Lonely Mountain, is the one bookmark I did of an interior rather than the exterior. The outside is beautiful – make no mistake – it has one of the most elaborate gate designs I’ve seen, but I found the interior far more impressive.

It draws attention to a clear aesthetic difference between the elves, men, and dwarves. The elves have their flowing organic shapes that they sing into being from the trees themselves. The men have their solid, practical walls and pillar with a couple of statues here and there for the most part, things they can build with their hands without the aid of magic. This being a dwarven kingdom seems a sort of middle ground, giving an idea of grand scale, the cunning craftsmanship they are known for, as well as a sort of sternness in their bearing that comes from their use of straight lines and hard angles.

Good job, Art Department. You guys are brilliant.

Also, it’s GREEN. ALL GREEN. Whole new color palette.

I had initially intended to only do the throne room, but then I got bored with it being totally monochrome with only tall pillars and walkways and bridges, so I added a Smaug and a tiny Bilbo.

2 thoughts on “Day 45: Erebor

  1. This is absolutely stunning. It’s such a scenic piece. Please keep going, I can’t wait to see more. Are you using ink outlining or is the whole thing watercolor?

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