Day 35: Tony Sawicki

tony sawicki.jpeg

Tony Sawicki only appeared in one episode in Season Two (after which he was never heard from again; seriously, where is he?), but he left an impact that made him resoundingly memorable. If you are not familiar with the series Orphan Black, but have seen the past few sestras, you would have noticed that they’re all identical women (or as identical as I could get them), and Tony isn’t. He’s a trans man, formerly named Antoinette, now Tony. In the episode, his transition and sexuality are openly addressed, but the best thing about him lies in his reaction to discovering Clone Club.

I mean, what would your reaction be if you found out you were a clone and there were possible dozen of identical you-s running around the world? Identity crisis, for one. Freaking out. Denial until you’re dragged back kicking and screaming.

All these happened to the other clones, but not to him. Even as Sarah tried to explain the situation, he was calm and self-assured with a touch of swagger. In his words, he figured out all that a long time ago. “There’s only one Tony, and that ain’t you, sucker.”

There are plenty of things to remember about Tony Sawicki, but that, by far, is the best.

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