Day 34: Rachel Duncan

rachel duncan.jpg

Rachel Duncan, uber bitch. Brittle and beautiful and broken, and willing to go to any length to get what she wants. Rachel is the evil sestra of sorts, one might say, but we are in an age of villains who are not truly villains, but people with troubled pasts who hold visions where the ends justify the means. Also, she’s far from the worst person in this series. Don’t get me wrong, Rachel is a terrible person and deserves every punch Sarah has ever thrown at her, but when you know where she came from, of her abandonment and the choices she was robbed of, the anger those things left behind with no outlet, you can’t hate her. Not really, not anymore.

I had wanted to to use stark contrasts of black and white with grey tones for her hair (Yes, she’s blonde, I know), along with a streak of red for her signature lipstick, but Rachel is far more nuanced than a black and white villain. And thus the blue, something that softens her, a hint of the lost girl she once was.

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