Day 32: Helena


Helena is one of those characters you start out being terrified of and you’re so sure that she’s the big bad of the series, and she turns out to be this beautiful innocent cinnamon roll you want to wrap up in a comforter and give cupcakes to. As a note, if you give her cupcakes, she’ll finish those and then clean out the rest of your fridge. Bless her.

Early in the series, she was called the ‘angry angel’, and that was what she was. She was angry because of what people told her to be angry at, and then at the people who used her and shaped her into the assassin she was, making her kill her Sestras and lying to her about why. And an angel she was and is. There is something pure and innocent about her, almost childlike, despite the blood on her hands and the fact that she could kill you with a straw. She loves her sisters, her babies, and those whom she adopts as family with an all-encompassing, selfless sort of love, the way a child would.

And if you threaten them, she’ll stab you with a crowbar or put an arrow through your neck.

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