Day 22: Octagons, Diamonds, and Rhombuses, oh my!


This started out as octagons only. Then, I realized that I had miscalculated when drawing out the shapes and now I had diamonds to go with them. Diamonds with four equal sides that could pass for rhombuses. Or squares. Basically, there are more shapes than I wanted in here.

Thus, tiles. I’m rather fond of ceramic tiles and always linger by the tile stalls whenever I go to the handicrafts fairs and exhibitions held at Kalakshetra (a prominent dance school and cultural center here in Chennai). I admit I played it a bit safe with the patterns: a simple marbling for the octagons and a solid red for the diamonds (squares? rhombuses?). The red ones turned out a bit like Athangudi tiles, which I love, so that’s definitely a plus.

On the whole, not what I was expecting, but not a bad trade-off at all.

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