Day 14: A Door in Dublin


This one took a long time. All the stones and the bricks and tiles and the rubble wall, and that lovely green-blue door right in the center. This door is in Dublin, Ireland, and it is beautiful.

Photo reference not mine.

47 thoughts on “Day 14: A Door in Dublin

  1. Its like the sinister door in the movie…door of the evil remains in a closed state..and of good always open..never open a closed abandoned door

  2. Lovely. Watercolour paints are an incredible medium, and I also think that Ireland is a fantastically lyrical, almost mythical inspiration when it comes to art and music. Lots of legends in Ireland about “doors” to Other worlds!

  3. Truly! Ireland has such a rich folklore and so many stories lurking in every corner. It’s such a naturally beautiful country as well.

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