Day 7: Peony


I find peonies enchanting. When it comes to personal style, I generally eschew anything that involves pastel colors or ruffles or remotely delicate, mostly because I feel like a human disaster in them. I do, however adore the aesthetic, and peonies kind of sum up the whole feel of it for me. They’re extravagant, yet delicate. Soft, yet bold. In my head, they’re a representation of traditional femininity in its beauty and endurance.

Granted, different cultures interpret the flower in their own ways according to their legends, but for the most part, peonies symbolize honor, riches, romance, and beauty in all its forms. This might be perpetuated by its importance in Chinese culture, which popularized the flower as well as its aesthetic and personal connotations.

All in all, these are gorgeous flowers, they’re a delight to draw, and they make for beautiful tattoos.

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