Day 6: Hibiscus


I grow hibiscus flowers in my garden at home. Most of them are of the red variety, a few being hybrids with serrated petals or additional little petals along the style. Other than that, I’ve got white and pink ones, though they don’t grow as well as the reds, and I have exactly two plants that have the variety painted above. Yellow with a white bleeding heart, and isn’t that a bit poetic?

Hibiscuses are stunning flowers with huge buttery petals that sing in all their colored tropical glory. They have a lot of significance in Southeast Asia, where they commonly occur, and are symbols of beauty, unity, and peace.

Also, I can attest that they’re one of the few flowers that can actually thrive in coastal areas, where the water table is salty, the wind is salty, and the soil is predominantly sand. And they bloom well in the summer.

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