Day 4: Forget-Me-Nots


After a yellow,a pink, and a white, I’m in the mood for some blue. Thus, the forget-me-not. I’ve never actually seen the real flowers, though I’ve always found them charming.

There are plenty of stories and legends surrounding the forget-me-nots, all of them having something or the other to do with the literal meaning. It often refers to fidelity or remembrance, the latter being of any sort. That remembrance could be one of love or one of parting (of the geographical sort or of death). These flowers also honor the Armenian Genocide, another way to say ‘never forget’, and are a symbol of the Alzheimer’s Society, which is self-explanatory.

This one turned out a bit sweet. I don’t often go for soft pastel shades and more often prefer something bolder, but I wanted to try a background wash and voila, this happened. Well, good thing for happy accidents.


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