Day 3: Snowdrops


I was listening to the soundtrack from Stardust, and decided to paint snowdrops to commemorate it. This is one of those stories where I’m torn between the book and the movie. While both are essentially the same tale, they were treated in different ways: the book with more elaboration and poignancy, the movie with more charm and a happy ending. And Robert de Niro in a frilly dress, which is always a plus. In the end, I’d recommend both to anyone and it’s not one of those cases where I’d insist on reading the book before watching the movie.

Read the book; it’ll mesmerize and make you weep. Watch the movie; it’ll charm and make you smile.

Anyhoo, snowdrops, as the Lady Una tucks into Dunstan Thorn’s buttonhole as a protection charm. Like a lot of white flowers, it’s associated with purity, hope, and sympathy, sometimes, even death. There are plenty of legends surrounding the flower, mostly involving Winter and Spring and rebirth and the like.

I haven’t yet figured out how to paint white flowers and the subtle shadows on them, as well as how to properly offset them from the background. I won’t be using a fineliner for any others in the Flowers series.


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