Day 1: Sunflowers


I’m not a complete novice with the medium, but I still want to start with a simple theme, so flowers it is, and we’re kicking it off with my favorite type.

The name ‘sunflower’ is so literal, it’s almost ridiculous. They’re large, bright, and golden, with petals like dazzling halos around their dark faces. They do quite look like little suns in the way they light up a place, the way they gaze at their namesake as He travels across the sky. (Yes, I say ‘he’ for the Sun; I know my mythology.) And when it comes to symbolism, we’ve got everything the sun itself represents: warmth, happiness, health, positivity, strength, long life, admiration, good luck, etc, etc.

What’s not to love about them? Van Gogh loved them. And funnily enough, my own name means ‘sun’, so it’s weirdly fitting. Ha.

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