50 Things I Have Looked Up So Far For My Most Recent Project

I have ended up learning a whole lot of random stuff I might never have looked up otherwise while writing out this new story of mine. Right now, I’m about 60 000 words in, nowhere near finished, and have listed below fifty different things (among others), all equally interesting and informative, that I ended up researching while writing this down.

Thank you, Internet.

50 Things I Researched While Writing My New Project

1. Llama gods

2. Turkish breakfasts (biiiiiig ones)

3. The naval battle of Abtao

4. Old English slang

5. The ghats of Varanasi

6. The structure of a three-mast ship

7. The road layout of Westminster (Thank you, Google Maps.)

8. Namaz timings

9. The January Uprising in Lithuania

10. The Satsuma Rebellion against Emperor Meiji in Japan

11. William Ewart Gladstone (and his family)

12. Kings, queens, and warriors of Ancient Persia (They were completely badass, and no one can claim otherwise.)

13. The French Third Republic

14. Recipe for börek (made it at home; it’s fantastic!)

15. Typologies of Arabian spirits (not necessarily blue ones that sound like Robin Williams and do excellent Groucho Marx impressions)

16. The Prague Astronomical Clock

17. Russian fairy tales

18. The maritime Silk Route

19. Culture of Kenya’s Luo people

20. 19th century fashion (aka torture devices)

21. The Exposition Universelle, Paris

22. Katapayadi Sankhya

23. Tuatha Dé Danann

24. Artemisia and Xerxes (Not from the second 300 movie…just…just no…)

25. The road layout of Prague’s Old Town (again, thank you, Google Maps.)

26. Hotels that existed in the 1800s in Prague’s Old Town (Surprisingly, thank you, TripAdvisor.)

27. Daimyo families of Japan

28. The Great Library of Alexandria

29. Rumpelstiltskin

30. Which communities live where in Varanasi

31. Orrerries

32. Russian name construction and etymology

33. Endearments in Romanian and Czech

34. Decline of the Ottoman Empire

35. Actors in 1870s London

36. Nalanda School of Learning

37. The Iroquois tribe of America

38. The diamond miners in Botswana

39. Luo and Igbo artifacts of historical significance

40. The royal families of Russia

41. Feminism in Turkey

42. Japanese dragon spirits

43. The Bombardment of Alexandria

44. Inca civilizations

45. The Bermuda Triangle

46. Classification of Romanian vampires (The interesting ones that don’t sparkle)

47. Popular drinks in the 19th Century

48. War formations used in Ancient India

49. Typologies of 1870s weaponry

50. The catacombs of Paris

I’m still not sure what I’ve gotten myself into.

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