Maiden Post

Hello mates and not-yet mates, human, not, and in-between!

I’ve finally decided to tear myself away from my sketchbooks, Scrivener, and Microsoft Word long enough to set up a blog. Here, I’ll be putting up all news and updates about my writing. I do have a book peeking out over the horizon: an epic fantasy novel called ‘The Falcon’s Eye’.

This is a book that’s been nearly seven years in the making, starting from a doodle on my math notebook when I was supposed to be studying for an exam. (Kids, don’t do that, school is important.) I’m currently going over the final draft and chatting with a couple of wonderful beta readers, who have been dissecting the story to its sub-atomic levels and giving great constructive criticism. Bless them, they’re amazing.

So, here on this blog, you’ll get everything that is literary and artistic in my life. You’ll get updates, you’ll get news. You’ll get milestones, good days, not-so-good-but-will-get-better days. You’ll get concept doodles from the corners of my notebooks, carefully drawn pictures from my sketchbooks, and more refined drawings that have been touched by the magic Photoshop wand. You’ll get everything from within the cavernous library of my mind palace.

If you follow this blog through email, you’ll get first dibs, even before the carrier birds reach everyone else. Otherwise, you can follow me on Twitter at or on Facebook at

So, take a leap of faith, my friends, step through the looking glass, and into my world…



2 thoughts on “Maiden Post

  1. All the best for your first novel. If it’s 300k+ words, probably you should release it as a series of smaller books, with the first one in the series being perma-free. I’ve seen many fantasy authors do that – just an idea.

    Destination Infinity

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