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Guys. Guys. Guuuuuuuuuyyyyyssss.


redbubble announcement 1

I am now officially on Redbubble, and you can get plenty of merchandise based on the digital speed paintings I was putting up last month in my 31 Days of Speedpainting Challenge. There are art prints and tote bags and shirts and pouches and clocks and throw pillows and lots of other stuff, all based on select pieces.

So, just follow the link below here:

and you can follow me there to get updated whenever I put up new stuff! I’ll also notify you here though, promise. 🙂



Everything is breakable (except Bruce Willis, which in retrospect, I notice as a wasted opportunity).

Glass, people. Mirrors, visions of ourselves. They splinter and crack. Pieces fall off. When they break, they change us and the way we see who we are. At the end, there is something new. Something different, perhaps something that wasn’t there before that we have to live with. Whether we like it or not, we carry it with us. It’s better than throwing the broken things away.




They’re back, they’re back, they’re back, they’re back, they’re baaaaaccckkk!!!

I’d missed these two. Fish Girl and Squiddy had been my companions for most of Inktober 2016, and while I’d seen them on and off, along with two of the bunnies who usually travel with the Three Tailed Fox and Little Tree, I’d missed them. So since fall is properly rolled in and it’s creeping into negative temperatures where I live, they’re making s’mores!

As for the dragon, that one is mine. Evangeline usually does small deliveries from time to time, usually things like food or little gifts to friends, but he’s quite terrible at the job. Always gets distracted around sheep and orange soda, which is why it’s hell to send him over New Zealand. Ye gods. Anyhoo, he’s not particularly fond of the cold, so I’ve let him take a vacation. That boy never tells me where he flies off to (I usually get angry or bemused calls from stranger about the strange dragon in their backyard or perched atop their scarecrow). Turns out he’s been hanging out with friends and helping them make s’mores. I’m glad he’s having a good time.

I miss you, Evangeline. Come home soon.

The making can be watched here!


Day 18: BOTTLE


My interest in perfume is fairly recent, primarily fueled by my husband, mother, and sister, who are rather obsessed. After spending a day researching brands and methods of perfume-making, as well as another hour in a shop at the mall, I was hooked as well. Smell is an overlooked sense at times, and I had never cared to pay attention to the way something that simple can change an entire persona. And then there were the bottle designs.

It’s just so fuuuuuuunnnn.

These are some of my favorites, where I enjoy the scent as well as the bottle design. My current go-to favorite is Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Eau de Parfum, but the bottle is quite simple for that, so I didn’t include it. I own three out of these (Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue,  Carolina Herrera Good Girl, and Jennifer Lopez Deseo), though I have also used Dior’s J’adore. That one was my mother’s though.

Enjoy the making here!



The three tailed fox knocked his front paw on a rock. Luckily, there’s no major bruising, but it does hurt and is swollen. His friends, the bunnies are there to help though, and though Little Tree can’t do much, it gives comfort in whatever way it can.



Fashion is strange and wonderful and interesting and occasionally, delightfully weird. I’m particularly fond of fashion that treats itself like artwork rather than commercially viable or pret-a-porters. When the prompt ‘angular’ came up, a lot of things came to mind, among them being pieces that I saw where modern sculpture was represented in garment form.

Thus, we have a wireframe skirted wedding dress from Stephane Rolland’s 2015 Spring Couture collection and a scuptural white dress by Ilja Visser from her 2012/13 Fall/Winter Collection. Along with some angular patterns in the background.

Here’s the making feat. Marshmello:

Day 15: WEAK

weak 1

This is near the halfway mark for Inktober, and the prompt is Weak. For this, like one of the previous prompts, I tried to visualize the feeling and picture a moment of weakness. How is it when it feels like we’re breaking apart, like there’s nothing good left in this world to make things better? We pick at our wounds, pull and pull on our heartstrings till it’s all just a pool of yarn on the floor. At that point, we have to work all the harder to stitch it back together again.

You can see how it was made here: