Day 31: MASK


The High Priestess awards Mira with a ceremonial mask as a gesture for her services to Mydia, along with the reward that Tana Aleas and Jorro had promised when they struck their deal on Corrin Prime. Mira takes her payment and gift, bowing her thanks. Tana and Jorro stand at the foot of the temple steps and wave goodbye as they leave. The twin suns of Aeros are setting to the north as Mira and BT reach the Sparrow. Together, they ascend the ramp, rev up the thrusters, and take off back to the stars, ready for their next adventure.

Day 30: FOUND



With the treasure restored and the mission completed, the High Priestess publicly thanks Mira and BT for their help in returning the stolen cloud back to its rightful place. She tells the hall everything that Tana told her, about how Mira and her bot protected them and kept them safe as they flew home after being on the run for so long. She – the High Priestess- the denizens of the temple, and Mydia herself, she says, are grateful that Tana Aleas and Jorro found the two of them.

Day 29: UNITED


People spill out of the temple on their arrival and Tana Aleas is received with open arms. Mira, BT, and Jorro hang back and let the priestess enjoy her homecoming as she is reunited with her people. The High Priestess of Mydia – tall, masked, and venerable – approaches them from the temple gates and Tana beckons them forward to join her. The High Priestess welcomes Tana and asks if she has what she set out for. Tana reaches into her sleeve and draws out the box containing the priceless treasure. Together, in a solemn procession, they ascend into the high vaults of the temple and restore it back to its rightful place.

Day 28: FALL


As they crest the peak and find themselves before the Temple of Mydia, the Sparrow begins to shake. Despite the patch up work after the dogfight, the ship rattles and Mira engages the stabilizers to hold them steady. BT quickly plugs himself into the system to help as she pulls on the controls and prepares them for landing. Tana Aleas, buckled to her seat, curls around her box and Jorro prepares himself to catch her should there be a last-minute crash. Thankfully, there isn’t. It’s far from Mira’s best landing, but they manage not to fall over.

Day 27: CLIMB


The Sparrow breaks atmosphere at Aeros, a vibrant planet covered in blues and greens. Silver and gold lights wink at them from between the trees which stand even taller than those at Thesulia. Tana Aleas, trembling with happiness, directs them past the Godstep Fields along the Anklet River and towards the Mountain of Mydia. The Sparrow goes vertical as they climb higher and higher up along the steep face of the carved mountain to the temple all the way at the peak.

Day 26: SQUEAK


It’s a good three days’ travel to Aeros. Mira stays at the controls most of the time, not having a nav to keep the course charted. Jorro takes the controls a couple of times to let her sleep, and BT keeps a close watch on him, tasers hidden. Otherwise, everyone relaxes. BT becomes fond of Tana Aleas, who is not entirely accustomed to bots and is utterly charmed by one with its own distinct personality chip. The bot takes to voraciously cleaning the decks wherever the priestess walks, so much that her shoes squeak whenever she takes a step. Jorro isn’t amused, but Mira finds it adorable.

Day 25: SHIP


Mira finishes whatever repairs she can do on the fly just as they exit the Nova star system. She goes back to her pilot’s seat and BT shows her the chart she coursed using her star maps. Mira strokes along the console and gives the dashboard a fond pat. She loves her little Sparrow, her faithful ship. Curling her hands around the controllers, she fires up the thrusters and takes them towards the planet Aeros.